Hillcrest Softball League


League Rules – Abridged Summary

1) The strike zone is from the knees to the shoulders and between both sides of the plate.
2) When a pitcher releases the ball, his foot must on or before the rubber.
3) If the pitcher hits the batter in the head with the ball, it is an automatic base.
4) Any pitch that hits the plate is an automatic ball.
5) Any foul ball that is caught must be six feet off the GROUND in order to be considered an out.
6) A foul tip into the catcher’s glove on the third strike is an out.
7) There is no bunting; a bunt attempt is a strike.
8) The first time a batter throws a bat, he is out. This counts as a strikeout. (Runners do not advance.)
9) The second time a player throws a bat, that player is automatically ejected from that game.
Base Running:
10) Runners on a base can only run on the SWING, not the pitch.
11) Any runner caught leading from a base is out at the umpire’s discretion.
12) If a player runs on the swing and the ball is not hit, there is a force back to his base.
13) On dirt fields, runners MUST slide.
14) On concrete fields the runner has the right of way.
15) The infield fly rule is in effect.
16) The Umpires should call time out on every play.
Ground Rules:
17) If a tree is hanging over the homerun fence and a ball hits that tree and comes back into the park, then that ball is "live" and in play.
18) Any ball caught bouncing off the homerun fence is still in play.
19) If a ball hits a tree not hanging over the homerun fence (roots in foul territory), then it is an automatic foul ball.
20) There is to be no arguing with umpires.  Only the CAPTAIN may appeal a GAME RULE. Judgment calls may NOT be appealed.
21) An umpire may eject an unruly player at his discretion.